What is IsoShell building system?

Az IsoShell egy modern komplett építési rendszer, energiatakarékos és passzív házakhoz egyaránt. A falazati rendszerelemek könnyű polisztirol anyagból készülnek, amelyek a szilárd betonmagnak köszönhetően masszív, a talajmozgásoknak is ellenálló szerkezetet biztosít.

Az egyik legnagyobb különbség a hagyományos falazathoz viszonyítva, hogy itt egyetlen lépésben történik meg a fal építése és a hőszigetelés, ezzel időt és energiát megspórolva.



Consist of an inner and outer thermal cortex, which is an extremely effective insulation, the strength of the 15 cm thick concrete core between them, gives a structure resistant to even massive ground movements, and as heat storage, thermal inertia medium, provides thermal barrier to external temperatures.

Speed of construction

Compared to conventional masonry, we take care of the superstructure and the thermal insulation in one single step during the construction.

Thermal shield

The special connection solution of the elements (rabbets) allows to build dry walls without adhesive, and it also provides free of thermal bridge to the inner and outer insulating layers. The development of an uninterrupted, continuous thermal barrier is an important part of the planning

Main advantages

Thermal bridge

Our special system of closing the openings in the fabric of the building, such as windows & doors, in effect not only provides a shuttering for the concrete pour but also creates an insulated surface between the concrete/doors and windows thus creating a thermal bridge, further enhancing the efficiency of the building and meeting current building regulations and requirements.

Neopor insulates 20% better then other EPS
BRICK house thermo CAM
ICF house thermo CAM

What can you build with IsoShell?

Can be used from a small extension house to multi-storey block of flats

Thermal conductivity

Using our wall system, we can achieve higher insulating value with the same amount of thickness. Compared to walls with equal thermal insulating capacity, we gain area, which can be up to 5 sq on a 100 sq large floor area!

Unique IsoShell feature

The special connection solution of the elements (rabbets) allows to build dry walls without adhesive, and it also provides free of thermal bridge to the inner and outer insulating layers. The components are connected similar to “Lego”, without the use of any adhesive material, they have an exact size, with IsoShell the right angle remains a right angle.

unique isoshell feature2
unique isoshell feature1

Comfort home – Thermal inertia

Our buildings have perfect thermal insulation, and their energy consumption is very low. The buildings built with IsoShell system have a low to zero energy consumption due to their internal and external thermal insulation, and can be easily turn into a passive house. By using less heating material, the carbon dioxide emission is reduced as well.

IsoShell is made by Neopor® that contains graphite particles which reflect heat, thus providing an almost 20% better thermal insulation to our elements. The wall elements do not contain any halogenated hydrocarbon or other halogenated cell gas, as their cell gas is ordinary air, they retain their heat conductivity during the entire life of the building. Thanks to the flame retardant property of the BASF material, the IsoShell cells are self-extinguishing, they do not burn.

Quick, clear and precise

The blocks used to construct the wall serve a dual purpose as not only do they provide the secure shuttering for the concrete they also act as an extremely efficient permanent dual layer of insulation. The cutting of the components is simple safe & free of any significant noise producing only a minimal waste. The building services engineering jobs can be undertaken quickly and free of waste.


Strong structure

The houses built with IsoShell system are more than 5 times stronger than the buildings of conventional structures. Due to the special connection of the cells, it shows a high degree of stability even before the voids are filled with concrete. The walling elements, the ring beam and lintel elements connect to each other with a rabbet system, increasing the structural stability. Allows the creation of a pleasant living space

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Why choose IsoShell?


It costs as much as the conventional building systems

Clean and precise

Debris-free installation of the conduits more text

Low energy consumption

Inner and outer insulating crust more text

Lasting value

Solid construction, extra thermal insulation