Budapest, ultra low energy home made from IsoShell walls

We combined theIsoShell walls, with triple glazed windows, concrete floors and a sips roof, and were delighted to match the Passive house target for air-tightness at our first attempt.
With a very low predicted heating demand we chose to use a combined MVHR and air-source heat pump system. Which eliminated the need for UFH or radiators.
Having completed the builds the real vindication or what we achieved has been the running costs.
Without any solar panels, these homes exceed the Passive house standard for heating, and primary energy use, costing less than £8/ month to heat.

Key Facts

  • Terrace of 3 units: from 80 -120 m3
  • External Walls: ISS40
  • Ground Floor: Slab on Insulation
  • Intermediate floors: Cast concrete

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